The World Record Of Tires Speed In Iceland

DateTime:2011-12-25 23:03:44


One tires maker, succeeded to break the ice speed record. New ice speed record: 206,05 mph (331,610 km/h)


The record was broken on a 14-kilometre ice track in freezing conditions with snow tires in size 255/35R20 97 T XL.
When a car moves at a speed of 331 km/h, the car covers over 92 metres in one second. The tyres are under immense pressure at these high speeds, and their diameter can increase by 15–20 mm. As the air resistance increases, more traction is needed in order to pick up speed.






For those who don’t know, The maker developed the world’s first winter tyre for raw, subzero conditions back in 1934. Two years later, it introduced the snow tires, designed for northern winters and today one of the world’s best-known winter tyre brands.


“Testing at high speeds in demanding conditions forms an important part of our winter tyre development. Testing our boundaries can teach us new things, which can then be reflected in all of our products,”said Matti Morri, The Tyres maker’ technical customer service manager.


The Guinness World Records organization outlines detailed rules for ice driving world records, according to the tire maker. The time for the one-kilometer (0.62 mile) distance is taken for driving in both directions of the track, and the world record time is the average of the two results.


The vehicle takes a flying start and the ice has to be natural and may not be roughed up or treated with any chemicals. The tires must be commercially available and approved for road traffic in the country in which the record attempt takes place.



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