Let Tires To Be Holiday Gift

DateTime:2011-12-15 20:22:53

Having a hard time finding the perfect gift for that special someone? Well, don’t wait for Santa to figure it out: give the one you love a new set of tires.

And according to a new survey by Costsaving Tires China, the recipient will be thrilled.




Costsaving’s Winter Gauge Index showed that 84% of people would either like it or not mind if a loved one gave them tires for the holidays.


And for the 40% of Americans planning a holiday road trip, that gift would go to good use immediately. Many of those road trips – 28% to be precise – will cover more than 1,000 miles, the study found. Nearly half (46%) plan on driving more than 500 miles to reach their destination.


Winter driving conditions are a big concern: 63% of people are most concerned about skidding/icy roadways when it comes to winter driving (56% male, 70% female). Few are so brave: 18% of men said they have no concerns about winter driving, only 8% of women said they had no concerns.


Sadly, Americans are still missing out on the effectiveness of pure winter tires: the study showed that 77% favored all-season tires in the winter, while just 8% use winter tires. Education may make a difference, the study showed, as only 54% claimed to know the difference between all-season and snow tires.


The Costsaving Tire Gauge Index survey of 1,000 randomly selected Americans was conducted Nov. 21-22 by Vision Critical.



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