Quality protocol launch aims to boost value of used tyres

DateTime:2011-10-16 20:52:09

      With the launch of a Quality Protocol that declassifies used tyres as waste, recycled tyre rubber will become more marketable, according to the Waste & Resources Action Programme (WRAP). Quality guarantees provided by the protocol, produced by WRAP, cover the production and use of tyre derived rubber. By defining the standards required for reprocessing tyre rubber it will be easier and cheaper for industry to reprocess the material into valuable products like flooring, road surfacing, aggregates and footwear.

       WRAP director of retail and organics Richard Swannell said: “A quality protocol could therefore stimulate growth in the reprocessing sector, providing easier access to an important resource with a significant number of applications. With the launch of today’s consultation we are keen to hear comments and feedback on these proposals.”

    Environment Agency head of external waste programmes Martin Brocklehurst said: “A protocol could save businesses the time and costs associated with meeting waste regulations, by clearly defining the standards required to collect, transport, store, recycle and reuse rubber tyres, without harming human health and the environment. “Placed end to end, the annual tyre waste of England and Wales would stretch from London to Cardiff more than 100 times. With so many cars, vans and trucks discarding tyres, we have potential to access more than 40,000 tonnes of recycled rubber.” 









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