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Costsaving Tires Co., Ltd is belong to Farroad group(Shandong Fengyuan Tire Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.) is located in economic development zone of Yicheng, Zaozhuang City, Shandong, is by the Shandong energy corporate ownership dates Mining Group 81 tires state-controlled, set of semi steel radial tire R & D, manufacturing, sales in one of the modernization of large enterprises.

The company design and planning for the annual output of 20000000 semi steel radial tire, in 2014 with an annual output of 10000000 semi steel radial tire capacity. 2-3 years will be eight one tire company to form a full steel 5000000 / year, semi steel 20000000 / a full range of products, in the market, production, technology, management, personnel and other resources on the allocation of resources, complementary advantages, among the forefront of the national tire manufacturing. Utilizing its engineering resources, Costsaving Tires Co., Ltd develops different tire categories such as truck tires and passenger car tires for the worldwide market. Costsaving Tires Co., Ltd also invests many resources on tire management and tire services, aiming to provide long term and sustainable solutions for its customers.

Costsaving Tires Co., Ltd registers its brand in over 65 countries, with more than 12 tire patents. Costsaving tires Co. Ltd. have been serving 115 countries, with 9 compounds to explore the most optimized tire performance for different applications. 

Thanks to the consistent commitments to the tire industry, We is winning more and more recognition in many segments of the tire industry.


Costsaving Mission:

1. We are determined to help our partner to reduce their cost in tires operation.
2. To develop the company into an integrated tire supply and service platform offering comprehensive tire solutions to our customers.


Costsaving Value:

Quality - The key for our business sustainability
Togetherness - The spirit of growing together


Costsaving Strategy:

Market orientation
Resources integration
Growing together


Global Network:

Tires Quality Warranty System:

Thanks to its strong engineering resources integration capacity, Costsaving provides customers most optimized tire solutions.

Costsaving Tires Co., Ltd attaches the greatest importance to the product quality. Besides the strict production process control, Costsaving Tires Co., Ltd sources its raw materials including natural rubber, steel cord, and carbon black from the worldwide leading suppliers only.

Costsaving Tires Co., Ltd also have its own warranty policy. Any more information, please contact Costsaving's sales enginneers.

Farroad Tyres Group -- Costsaving Tires Co., Ltd.